Introduction to Online Casinos

I love gambling as much as anyone else that is reading this right now. We all love to gamble for the excitement and intrigue that comes along with going for a huge jackpot or popping open a 21 hand in blackjack, but there were alot of negatives associated with going to places like Las Vegas or any other land based casinos. For one thing, it used to take me an eternity to get a hotel room booked and I used to always wait until I got a bargain basement price. When I joined an an online casino this problem went away as I just joined up and started gambling straight from the comfort of my own home. Another problem with land based casinos was that when ever I wanted to gamble I had to book a plane ticket and that again was an extra expense that came straight out of my gambling bottom line. Again with online casinos that is another expense that was automatically taken out of my front end and added to amount that I could gamble and have fun with.

Another great thing about online casinos as opposed to land based casinos is the average winning percentage. In land based casinos its natural for the average winning percentage to be a few percentage point lower than with online casinos and I will explain why. When land based casinos setup their machines they must set them up not only to win enough for them to cover the cost of running the games but they must also pay enough to cover the rent of the casino itself which is huge. With online casinos there is no physical rent expense to pay off. The only things the online casino operator has to worry about is the software, hosting and domain name itself (plus hiring a few online support people and prgrammers) which are very tiny expenses compared to the land based casino. Online casinos therefore can allow their machines to return back a greater amount of winnings then their counter parts, which can help you make your online gambling experience a winning one. Only the keen eye will miss out on the great South African online casino bonuses available at Player Casino.

Now that you understand one component that online casinos beat their land based counter parts at, we will talk about another part that they beat them hands down in, which is the actual gambling games themselves.
With online casinos the quality of the games themselves is only limited to the imagination of the programmers, and thanks to them you can play games such as I-Slot which are online slot machines which enable you to be the hero of a virtual movie where every time you win you conquer an enemy or something like that.

In this introduction to online casinos article you can now be very confident that you will not only have the best time of your life gambling online, but you will also know that you can do all this from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas if you want to. Please look inside for our many unbiased review of the best licensed online casinos out there.

Crazy Slots Casino

With Crazy Slots Casino they give you a chance to win over $250,000 in guaranteed tournament money each month, plus they will start you off with a super welcome bonus of $12,500 for free for your first 15 money deposits, and on top of that they will 4 free entrances in the slot tournaments of your choice. With over 100 slot machines you cannot go wrong here.... read more

Quatro Casino

Quatro Casino is known for the great graphics of its games and its very exciting welcome bonus where they will give you $4444 to gamble away in 60 minutes and any profit made during this time you can keep for yourself. They also have a loyalty awards program where you can qualify to win a new car plus a great trip for 2 people to fabulous Cape Town South Africa. There are many ways to win in the legally licensed online casino.

Gala Casino

Gala Casino will welcome you into their establishment with a 205 pound bonus. With their many online casino games you will not grow bored here, plus they also have a monthly £100 casino bonus reload where they will match you up to 100 pounds. If your a poker player they also have a 100% poker sign-up bonus where they will match you going signing up for up to $600.

Casino Joy

Casino Joy is an online casino that takes your satisfaction very seriously and starts you off with a sign up bonus which will match your first deposit for up to 150 euros. If thats not enough they give you a 75 euro monthly reload bonus which will give you a chance at the end of the year to get up to 1000 euros free back into your account.

All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino is the top online slots casino on the internet. They will start you off with a match up bonus of 100% for up to 200 credits of purchases on your first deposit. They also will match you 10% of each subsequent monthly deposit for up to 450 credit. This give youa  chance to get over 5000 extra credits within a 12 month span.

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